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55 years old, French, fluent in English  - France 17100 - Jenny Bourdiol on linkedin  Genevieve BOURDIOL on Viadeo

  • Computer technician
    • Supervision (WAN, MAN, services, EDI), ITIL, user support (citrix, AD, AS400, MS Office...)... for Geodis and IBM, Sanofi.
    • Functional tests, non-regression tests, bug reporting (java, oracle, linux and AD), specs redaction...
  • Teacher for 10 years, writing documentation, ...
  • XP, Vista, Seven and 8.1, AD (MS active directory), Office, Exchange, Domino, Lotus Notes...
  • Photoshop, XPress, Adobe Premiere and After effects,
  • CMS (Joomla, Drupal), HTML, CSS, SQL Php Apache2…
  • Linux, Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Thunderbird...

- From the 17th October 2016, to March 2018, for Quantic. EDI, supervision, production... see more.

See more on Jenny Bourdiol on linkedin or Viadeo Genevieve BOURDIOL on Viadeo.

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Let’s Encrypt : a new and free CA

More in french.

A free and new process to manage certificates, supported by Netscape, l'EFF, Akamai, Cisco...
Using an agent (installed on the server, running Apache or Ngix), it will manage validation, renew and revocation.

Bilingual support tek (24/24h) - Geodis


From July 2011 to July 2013, for Geodis group

The Central Service Desk (let's call us CSD) was located in France, and is the worldwide SPOC for all Geodis group IT, clients and providers.
Now, CSD is located on two IBM's sites (in Poland and in Czech Republic).

Helpdesk deals with users PC and phone, while CSD deals with our group's

  • critical infrastructure supervision, such as network or services alarms management, and EDI tasks: check, search, file replay on a range of various systems
  • exploitation and production (servers reboots, maintenance plan checks on $U, planned tests, even user account creation...)
  • 32 000 users over 120 countries
  • French or any VIP user's PC/other-issue, on night/or/any-other-reason, as we are 24x24, smart, reactive and wink



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