tab people&groups / add Group : name, group type: mail only, then MEMBERS
on admin tab: OWNERS and ADMINS

generic acct with ID (on behalf): Tools/people/register choose certif, then create as normal user (dl the ID). Then in the Notes client (after 7am), base Admin tools/ new request :  syncro

generic acct without ID : create the bal & replicats, add our group as and the admin of it with:
 Person ou group / Acces Editor avec:
 v del doc
   create priv agent
 v crea perso folder/views
 v crea shared "
   crea Lotusscript/Java agent
 2 R&W pub doc
 v Repli or cp doc
then, check later our group is not in the list.
Create the account: Add Mail-in Database (and the correct cert -> cf. manager),