This service is working in 3x8 (365/365 days i.e. week-end and bank hollidays). With 10 people in 24x24, a week can looks like (if nobody caught the flu cheeky) :

  • work  8h from Monday to Friday: or 7am-3pm, or 3pm-11pm or the night from 11pm-7am
  • work 12h the Saterday and Sunday: or from 7am-7pm, or 7pm-7am
  • with 2 days off (saterday and sunday) ; or, if working the week-end, one Friday and the other one on Monday.

Because I need that my friends (but also: familly, syndic and other condominium related people... as I am the President for our condominium association) can check if (and when) I am awake (or not), if I work (or not) next week-end... this page (archive page) has been updated very frequently.

In 2012, it doesn't changed so much (but monthly), I just wrote my hours. But later (from March to August 2013) it was time consumming (I had to change it several times in the same week), that I just posted images (crop screenshots).


Geodis contacted me, asking me to delete these plannings, because it showed agents lasts names (on July IBM). I had to update several pages, menu and links...

Therefore, you'll find below two exemples:

  • July 2013: IBM planning - most people are now IBM agents, we are 4 from the oldier French team (Yohann and me stayed in Clichy France).
  • June 2013: Geodis planning, with some IBM agents (2PL, 3PL...)


Juin 2013 - le 19/06
June - 19th June version





Schedule example, IBM, 12th 2013/07
Schedule example, IBM, 12th 2013/07


Archive: our hours, in July 2013
Juin 2013 - le 19/06