Views 3 - filtre contextuel - taxonomy term ID (with depth)


Configure contextual filter: Content Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)

Display content if it has the selected taxonomy terms, or children of the selected terms. Due to additional complexity, this has fewer options than the versions without depth.


The depth will match nodes tagged with terms in the hierarchy. For example, if you have the term "fruit" and a child term "apple", with a depth of 1 (or higher) then filtering for the term "fruit" will get nodes that are tagged with "apple" as well as "fruit". If negative, the reverse is true; searching for "apple" will also pick up nodes tagged with "fruit" if depth is -1 (or lower).
Allow multiple values : If selected, users can enter multiple values in the form of 1+2+3. Due to the number of JOINs it would require, AND will be treated as OR with this filter.
Set the breadcrumb for the term parents : If selected, the breadcrumb trail will include all parent terms, each one linking to this view. Note that this only works if just one term was received.
Use Drupal's taxonomy term path to create breadcrumb links : If selected, the links in the breadcrumb trail will be created using the standard drupal method instead of the custom views method. This is useful if you are using modules like taxonomy redirect to modify your taxonomy term links.
This display does not have a source for contextual filters, so no contextual filter value will be available unless you select 'Provide default'.

When the filter value is NOT available

Display all results for the specified field  
Provide default value

Type: content ID from URL, or taxo term ID from URL, or book root for parent node,...

If Variable value -> a very long list : Realm lists, i18, menus...
If taxo term ID from URL -> "Load default filter from term page" + "Load default filter from node page" that's good for related taxonomy blocks
Ir raw value from url -> Path component (0 to 10) The numbering starts from 1, e.g. on the page admin/structure/types, the 3rd path component is "types". + Box "Use path alias instead of internal path."

Hide view no opt
Display a summary 2 sorts
: list, unformated or jump menu.
Define the base path for links in this summary view (i.e. Do not include beginning and ending forward slash. If this value is empty, views will use the first path found as the base path, in page displays, or / if no path could be found.
Display record count with link.
If checked, the current contextual filter value will be displayed as the default option in the jump menu, if applicable
Display contents of "No results found"


When the filter value IS available or a default is provided

3 boxes: Titre override + Specify validation criteria

  1. Override the view and other argument titles. Use "%1" for the first argument, "%2" for the second, etc.
  2. Enter a breadcrumb name you would like to use. See "Title" for percent substitutions.
  3. 6 choices: numeric, user...