Generic with ID

- Additional cost as an ID is created (a licence)

- Everyone will be able to log in that generic email without having a personal email (but when they send an email with that ID, only the generic email will appear)


Generic without ID

- No additional cost as users will be granted access to the generic BOX without having a seperate ID

- Users that access that mailbox MUST HAVE a email.
when they send an email using their ID but on the generic box, the generic email AND the personal email address will be shown as senders. You will see "generic" and User name)


  • A generic database with ID is used to send anonymous email (with the generic database name).  This database is create like a user, but it doesn't have any ldap account.
  • A generic database without ID file, is used to share email document, sent and received documents with the user name. To access on it, user should be hosted on our Lotus Domino servers.
    To access to mail in database (generic database without ID) in webmail, we should give us a specific webmail path, and users will use their own ldap account.