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CGP Services doesn't exist anymore. It was editing/producing two softwares:

Progestor (from IFA Partners) was  one of the leader application in France for Private Wealth Management Advisor. Then, JP Morgan, Axa et Cardif recapitalized, that's how CGP Services was born, with a brand new technology, new fonctionalities...

AgrégaSoft was the next generation (Java-Struts-Oracle).


French articles to download:

  • AgregaSoft (pdf 500k, sept 2006, l'Agefi Actifs)
  • Comparaison de 3 offres CGP Services, CGP Land et O2S (pdf 700k, sept 2007, l'As du Patrimonial). This french article compares 3 solutions.

Project Management Assistance

PMA (Project Management Assistance), CGP Services, Paris.

AgregaSoft® was a solution for French independent financial advisers. JP Morgan, Axa and Cardif recapitalised in 2005 the company.

Technical context: Jboss-Tomcat-Java-Struts, Oracle, linux and windows, exchange...

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