Math stat computer Master MASH 1991 ehess

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I worked for 5 years for the Paris X University, as a technician and later as a teacher, from 1989 to 1994.



In Paris France, Master MASH
1992-97 Operational research (Scarf and Eaves algorythms),
Pr. LE VAN Cuong and Pr. M. Florenzano (cepremap / CNRS).

eq. Master MASH (DEA)

 MA is for Applied Maths: stats, computer, probability..., EHESS.


eq. Honours Bachelor Degree (maths, algorithmic, stat, econometrics, accounting…)
Maîtrise MASS, Paris X University.

  • Turbo Pascal, Fortran, Lisp et Prolog
  • spad, sas, systat, rats

eq. Bachelor Degree. English, basic German.

Baccalauréat, Paris.


Type de métier: