Liste des Vues de commerce (et leur path)

Pour commerce 7.x-1.11 et commerce_paypal 7.x-2.3

Liste des  vues

de Type "Commande Drupal Commerce" :

  • Shopping cart form (Display a shopping cart update form),
  • Orders (Display a list of orders for the store admin ; chemin /admin/commerce/orders/list et /admin/commerce/orders/carts ),
  • Shopping cart summary (Cart line item summary displayed during checkout.)
  • Shopping cart block (Display a list of line items added to cart.)
  • User orders (Display a list of completed orders for a user.), chemin : /user/%/orders
de Type "Commerce Order revision" : Order revisions (Display a list of order revisions for the store admin.), chemin /admin/commerce/orders/%/revisions
de type "Commerce Line Item" : Line items (Display a set of line items in a table.)
de  Type "Commerce Product" : Products (Display a list of products for store admin.) ; chemin /admin/commerce/products/list
de type "Commerce Product revision" : Product revisions (Display a list of product revisions for the store admin.) chemin admin/commerce/products/%/revisions
de Type "Commerce Payment Transaction" : Order payments (Display and total an order's payment transaction history)
de type Profil Client Commerce : Customer profiles (A list of customer profiles of all types.) ; chemin /admin/commerce/customer-profiles/list
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