cck image ImageField

ImageField 3.10 (pour drupal 6) installé sur dans les feuilles


requiert: Content (cck) et FileField

ImageField provides an "Image" widget type to CCK. This module leverages the functionality of FileField and behaves nearly identically. ImageField widgets will give you a nice thumbnail preview of the image when uploaded, and provides a few display options (formatters) within CCK to display the images when the content is viewed.

ImageField also provides additional features when used with the following:

  • Token (Generate dynamic paths when saving images.)
  • ImageCache (Create thumbnails of images on output.)


créer un champs cck via /admin/content/types click Manage fields sur le type de contenu voulu (story, book...). Select "File" as the field type and "Image" as the widget type to create a new field.



File path -> des tas de token "user" utiles. ex: file path = [user]

  • alt text: case à cocher "Enable custom alternate text" ;
  • titre texte: Enable custom title text + [user]
  • default image

Paramètres globaux : Ces paramètres s'appliquent au champ 'Image1' dans tous les types de contenu où il apparaît.