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Each SLIC consists of a pubkey, a marker and of the SLIC table header.
You can divide each SLIC into it:

Each pubkey starts with "00 00 00 00 9C" and is 156 bytes long (9Ch). It contains the RSA1 sting.

Each marker starts with "01 00 00 00 B6" and is of course 182 bytes long (B6h) It's named with OEM table and table ID plus "WINDOWS".

Mark them and save them as a unique file!

Magic Sys Keys - linux

to test

memory dispaly Alt SysRq m ; and Alt SysRq t process list (looks like top?)...  forgot I got a new keyboard last month angry


The file /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq  exists -> ok (mean it's activated in kernel)

Conf files apllies in this order :

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