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CV Geneviève "Jenny" Bourdiol - IT

55 years old, French, fluent in English  - France 17100 - Jenny Bourdiol on linkedin  Genevieve BOURDIOL on Viadeo

  • Computer technician
    • Supervision (WAN, MAN, services, EDI), ITIL, user support (citrix, AD, AS400, MS Office...)... for Geodis and IBM, Sanofi.
    • Functional tests, non-regression tests, bug reporting (java, oracle, linux and AD), specs redaction...
  • Teacher for 10 years, writing documentation, ...
  • XP, Vista, Seven and 8.1, AD (MS active directory), Office, Exchange, Domino, Lotus Notes...
  • Photoshop, XPress, Adobe Premiere and After effects,
  • CMS (Joomla, Drupal), HTML, CSS, SQL Php Apache2…
  • Linux, Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Thunderbird...

- From the 17th October 2016, to March 2018, for Quantic. EDI, supervision, production... see more.

See more on Jenny Bourdiol on linkedin or Viadeo Genevieve BOURDIOL on Viadeo.

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Metasploit Framework (msf)

sudo msfconsole
MSF> db_connect <username>:<password>@<DATABASE>

check db, workspace creation

  • db_status
  • worspace  (répond default)
  • workspace -a customer1-dmz1

db_nmap -A -sT

Configuring automatic startup (Ubuntu upstart)


Configuring automatic startup (Ubuntu upstart)

To control startup and persistent execution of processes (restarting them if they crash) Ubuntu uses a system called upstartupstart.

Setting up this system is rather simple. You need to create a file <servicename>.conf in /etc/init after which you can control the service with following commands: sudo start <servicename>, sudo stop <servicename>, sudo restart <servicename>.

partitions (mbr, gpt, GuID)

MBR or GPT (see GUID Partition Table).
MBR= Master Boot Record 512 o, max 4 partitions, file max 2.2 To.
GPT pc > 2010 + mac > 2006. 128 partitions max. With UEFI, GPT is requierd to load OS




The scripts located in /etc/init.d are part of the bootup sequence of every Debian-like distro.
The directories /etc/rc?.d (? = S, 0 .. 6) contain relative links to those scripts. These links are named S<2-digit-number><original-name> or K<2-digit-number><original-name>.


Games on linux

Notes on linux game (in french: Lincity, pathological and Ryzom).

Backup: go /usr/share/games (Lincity cf ~.lincity-ng)

Magic Sys Keys - linux

to test

memory dispaly Alt SysRq m ; and Alt SysRq t process list (looks like top?)...  forgot I got a new keyboard last month angry


The file /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq  exists -> ok (mean it's activated in kernel)

Conf files apllies in this order :

Some links


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