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Let’s Encrypt : a new and free CA

More in french.

A free and new process to manage certificates, supported by Netscape, l'EFF, Akamai, Cisco...
Using an agent (installed on the server, running Apache or Ngix), it will manage validation, renew and revocation.

Office files


< office 2010,  .NK2 stock history user entry cache (and contacts nicknames)

Editions ixe, or how to repair a broken drupal 6 (migration to drupal 7)


Each SLIC consists of a pubkey, a marker and of the SLIC table header.
You can divide each SLIC into it:

Each pubkey starts with "00 00 00 00 9C" and is 156 bytes long (9Ch). It contains the RSA1 sting.

Each marker starts with "01 00 00 00 B6" and is of course 182 bytes long (B6h) It's named with OEM table and table ID plus "WINDOWS".

Mark them and save them as a unique file!

Metasploit Framework (msf)

sudo msfconsole
MSF> db_connect <username>:<password>@<DATABASE>

check db, workspace creation

  • db_status
  • worspace  (répond default)
  • workspace -a customer1-dmz1

db_nmap -A -sT

The Web never forgets: Persistent tracking mechanisms in the wild

partitions (mbr, gpt, GuID)

MBR or GPT (see GUID Partition Table).
MBR= Master Boot Record 512 o, max 4 partitions, file max 2.2 To.
GPT pc > 2010 + mac > 2006. 128 partitions max. With UEFI, GPT is requierd to load OS

Games on linux

Notes on linux game (in french: Lincity, pathological and Ryzom).

Backup: go /usr/share/games (Lincity cf ~.lincity-ng)

Magic Sys Keys - linux

to test

memory dispaly Alt SysRq m ; and Alt SysRq t process list (looks like top?)...  forgot I got a new keyboard last month angry


The file /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq  exists -> ok (mean it's activated in kernel)

Conf files apllies in this order :

Doc crazy talk

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