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6 months to find my way


I'm searching for a new job, since Septembre 2013.

I'm 48 years old, I already changed of job (from trainer to technician), and I'm right now in the 3rd bend.

Feel free to contact me, for any job in Paris, France smiley


Some links



Generic with ID

- Additional cost as an ID is created (a licence)

- Everyone will be able to log in that generic email without having a personal geodis.com email (but when they send an email with that ID, only the generic email will appear)


Generic without ID

- No additional cost as users will be granted access to the generic BOX without having a seperate ID

cron webhost

When the system runs your cron jobs, the current directory is /home/axxxxxxx/ rather than /home/axxxxxxx/public_html. The cron.php program will refuse to work because it can't find necessary .inc files. Adding a chdir command to switch to public_html directory in cron.php will solve this problem. Here's an example:


netsh> interface ip show config


connect ieproxy
netsh diag>connect ieproxy

Proxy Web de Internet Explorer (
    IEProxyPort = 8080
    IEProxy =
    Le serveur semble s'exécuter sur les ports [8080]

Test citrix:

netsh diag>connect iphost 443

Entity API

To be short

An entity type is a base class
A bundle is an extended class
A field is a class member, property, variable or field instance (depending on your naming preference)
An entity is an object or instance of a base or extended class


Entity types

In earlier versions of Drupal, the field system was only used on content types. Now, thanks to the Entity API, we can add fields to other things, like comments. An entity type is a useful abstraction to group together fields.
Some examples of entity types:

Tek doc book

drupal 6 & 7, notes... most are on the french version.

view and languages i18n



Do you have Entity Translation module installed?

1) No. Current user's language ("content language") is the same as the "interface language" which is determined by the interface language negotiation/detection settings.

Term Reference Tree


  1. Enable the Term Reference Tree module.
  2. Go to the Manage Fields tab of any fieldable entity (such as a content type, taxonomy term, or user.


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