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55 years old, French, fluent in English  - France 17100 - Jenny Bourdiol on linkedin  Genevieve BOURDIOL on Viadeo

  • Computer technician
    • Supervision (WAN, MAN, services, EDI), ITIL, user support (citrix, AD, AS400, MS Office...)... for Geodis and IBM, Sanofi.
    • Functional tests, non-regression tests, bug reporting (java, oracle, linux and AD), specs redaction...
  • Teacher for 10 years, writing documentation, ...
  • XP, Vista, Seven and 8.1, AD (MS active directory), Office, Exchange, Domino, Lotus Notes...
  • Photoshop, XPress, Adobe Premiere and After effects,
  • CMS (Joomla, Drupal), HTML, CSS, SQL Php Apache2…
  • Linux, Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Thunderbird...

- From the 17th October 2016, to March 2018, for Quantic. EDI, supervision, production... see more.

See more on Jenny Bourdiol on linkedin or Viadeo Genevieve BOURDIOL on Viadeo.

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Office files


< office 2010,  .NK2 stock history user entry cache (and contacts nicknames)


Each SLIC consists of a pubkey, a marker and of the SLIC table header.
You can divide each SLIC into it:

Each pubkey starts with "00 00 00 00 9C" and is 156 bytes long (9Ch). It contains the RSA1 sting.

Each marker starts with "01 00 00 00 B6" and is of course 182 bytes long (B6h) It's named with OEM table and table ID plus "WINDOWS".

Mark them and save them as a unique file!

Metasploit Framework (msf)

sudo msfconsole
MSF> db_connect <username>:<password>@<DATABASE>

check db, workspace creation

  • db_status
  • worspace  (répond default)
  • workspace -a customer1-dmz1

db_nmap -A -sT

partitions (mbr, gpt, GuID)

MBR or GPT (see GUID Partition Table).
MBR= Master Boot Record 512 o, max 4 partitions, file max 2.2 To.
GPT pc > 2010 + mac > 2006. 128 partitions max. With UEFI, GPT is requierd to load OS



netsh> interface ip show config


connect ieproxy
netsh diag>connect ieproxy

Proxy Web de Internet Explorer (
    IEProxyPort = 8080
    IEProxy =
    Le serveur semble s'exécuter sur les ports [8080]

Test citrix:

netsh diag>connect iphost 443

Tek doc book

drupal 6 & 7, notes... most are on the french version.

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