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My schedule, or when contact me

My team works "24/24h" from the Monday 6 am to the Saterday 6 am : a week can be

partitions (mbr, gpt, GuID)

MBR or GPT (see GUID Partition Table).
MBR= Master Boot Record 512 o, max 4 partitions, file max 2.2 To.
GPT pc > 2010 + mac > 2006. 128 partitions max. With UEFI, GPT is requierd to load OS

Drupal 7 notepad

See My notepad on Drush  - All Omega content related


To my drupal list on twitter

On mobiles:


Games on linux

Notes on linux game (in french: Lincity, pathological and Ryzom).

Backup: go /usr/share/games (Lincity cf ~.lincity-ng)

Magic Sys Keys - linux

to test

memory dispaly Alt SysRq m ; and Alt SysRq t process list (looks like top?)...  forgot I got a new keyboard last month angry


The file /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq  exists -> ok (mean it's activated in kernel)

Conf files apllies in this order :


Notes on employment - french only.



Generic with ID

- Additional cost as an ID is created (a licence)

- Everyone will be able to log in that generic email without having a personal email (but when they send an email with that ID, only the generic email will appear)


Generic without ID

- No additional cost as users will be granted access to the generic BOX without having a seperate ID

Entity API

To be short

An entity type is a base class
A bundle is an extended class
A field is a class member, property, variable or field instance (depending on your naming preference)
An entity is an object or instance of a base or extended class


Entity types

In earlier versions of Drupal, the field system was only used on content types. Now, thanks to the Entity API, we can add fields to other things, like comments. An entity type is a useful abstraction to group together fields.
Some examples of entity types:

Tek doc book

drupal 6 & 7, notes... most are on the french version.


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